About us

Our addiction treatment centre, The Bridge Centre, welcomes you to learn about our nationally recognized drug rehab and alcohol treatment center specializing in the treatment of drug addiction, alcoholism, and dual diagnosis disorders.

The Path from Alcohol and Drug Rehab to Recovery Starts at Bridge centre

The Bridge Centre was created to provide those persons suffering from drug addiction, alcoholism and dual disorders with a suitable environment in order to produce quality long term recovery. The touchstone of Bridge Centre’s addiction treatment is found in our ability to separate symptoms from core issues, while effectively treating the whole person. The drug rehab staff, many of whom are in recovery themselves, work closely with each patient as they recover through the various phases of addiction treatment. Ongoing support is critical as we believe that unless core issues and belief systems are addressed while in addiction treatment, relapse or a return to self destructive behavior is quite likely to erase all the gains made while in drug rehab treatment. At The Bridge Centre, we understand that the process of recovery from addiction and alcoholism is a gradual one. By integrating the philosophies of the medical, psychological and twelve step communities, coupled with a family recovery plan, drug rehab patients are provided with a powerful addiction treatment experience. Post treatment, the alumni of this drug addiction treatment centre report being able to live their lives with a sense of purpose, free from the pain of the past and with dreams of a fulfilling future.


At The Bridge Centre, we offer a 5 minutes rapid drugs abuse testing services that is accompanied by psychological counseling /substance abuse education session. This service is a favovorite for learning organizations and employees working in sensitive organiations requiring high level vetting. The Smart Choice in Drug Addiction Treatment Centres. Speak to an addiction treatment specialist on +254 724 830 821. to explore options for treatment of the afflicted and affected family members. The Bridge Centre, a special place, where "recovery becomes a reality".