Welcome to Bridge Centre’s alcohol rehab and addiction treatment centre. Upon arrival, you will be met by one of our nurses who will do an initial assessment before introducing you to our medical director, a board-certified physician specializing in addiction medicine. The purpose of this initial assessment is to assist in determining a need for our alcohol detox or drug detox program and to identify any medical or psychiatric problems that may exist. This information will then be passed on to the medical director for further review. After reviewing the information you have provided our nursing staff, the physician will take his own medical and addiction treatment history and provide you with a comprehensive physical examination. If you are found to be in need of alcohol detox or drug detox services, a detox protocol will be designed to minimize and eliminate your drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms. If there are medical issues to be addressed, this can be accomplished while you are in the detox program. If it is determined a patient may require psychiatric stabilization, they can also be seen for an evaluation while they are in the drug and alcohol detox phase of the alcohol rehab program.

Alcohol Rehab and Your Addiction Treatment Plan.

All of the information mentioned above will be provided to your primary therapist in the alcohol rehab program to develop an addiction treatment plan that meets your individual needs. As you progress through drug rehab and your emotional, physical and spiritual state improves, clinical and medical conditions will change. Patients at our drug and alcohol rehab program are reviewed on an ongoing basis by staff in drug and alcohol rehab to adjust their addiction treatment plan accordingly.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment and the Alcohol Rehab Program.

If it is determined during the initial clinical assessment a psychiatric disorder is present, then you will be seen by our board certified psychiatrist while in detox and directly after completing our inpatient detox program. Dual diagnosis treatment is an important element of our drug and alcohol rehab program. In many cases, patients are completely unaware a mental health problem even exists. It is not uncommon for one of our therapists to refer a patient to our psychiatrist for an evaluation to determine whether a dual diagnosis exists and requires treatment. It is our belief and experience that a patient who completes a drug rehab program or alcohol rehabilitation program without having the co-existing disorders treated con-currently is destined to end in relapse. For this reason, the staff at Bridge Centre receives extensive training and education on “cutting edge” drug addiction treatment, alcohol rehabilitation services and dual diagnosis treatment services.

For additional information on dual diagnosis treatment or our drug rehab program. Please call our number any time the day +254 724 830 821.