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Social phobia is an anxiety disorder that causes severe anxiety and nervousness in everyday social situations. Also called social anxiety disorder, this fear can be limited to a very specific type of social situation, such as being afraid to speak in front of a group, or it can cause anxiousness within any situation that occurs around other people. Most people can feel nervous or anxious in some social situations. Those with social phobia have a persistent and chronic fear that they will be judged or watched by others. They worry they will do something or say something embarrassing and can feel anxious about an upcoming social event for weeks before the date. Social phobia can become so severe it affects work, family and the ability to maintain relationships. Although many people with social phobia realize their fears are escalated, they cannot overcome them.

Social Phobia and Substance Abuse

Those with social phobia are two to three times more likely to develop a substance or alcohol abuse problem than those without a social phobia if people with social phobia drink or take drugs because they believe it lessens their anxiety. In fact, alcohol abuse can cause a heightened sense of anxiety, and some cases, a substance abuse problem can cause those with social phobia to feel anxious all or most of the time.

Social Phobia Treatment

At Bridge Centre, we understand the distinct circumstances that are involved with social phobia, and how social phobia can contribute to problems with drugs and alcohol.

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