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Personality disorders are a group of psychiatric disorders that share several exclusive characteristics. Those with personality disorders often trace their symptoms back to late adolescence and the beginning of adulthood and in some rare instances back to early childhood.

Personality Disorder Symptoms

  • Often cause serious personal and social difficulties as well as general functional impairment.
  • Can result in negative consequences in regards to relationships or work life
  • Are exhibited in thoughts, emotions, interpersonal functioning and in impulse control
  • Can lead to drug and alcohol abuse or addiction because the afflicted individual may respond to social situations or problems inappropriately

There are 10 different types of personality disorders according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th Edition. They are typically grouped into clusters based on shared characteristics from severe to mild with a wide range of symptoms such as paranoia, detachment and hostility, to sensitivity and need for approval and attention, to lack of responsibility and disregard for the law or safety of others, extreme mood swings and difficulty controlling emotions, to self-mutilation or suicidal behavior, or obsessive-compulsive behavior. Obviously with this vast array of symptoms it takes a qualified mental health professional to properly diagnose a personality disorder.

Help for Personality Disorder and Addiction

Our medical staff comprised of licensed therapists and mental health professionals, will help you recover if you have a personality disorder and an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Here we understand the factors that surround a co-occurring personality disorder and a drug or alcohol addiction and offer concurrent dual diagnosis treatment programs to address all of your needs.

At Bridge Centre, we work closely with each patient as they transition through the various phases of addiction treatment, to recovery and aftercare. Call us for help at +254-724-830-821. All calls are confidential.