Services I Medical Stabilization

There are numerous treatment centers available for people looking to recover from drug addiction or alcoholism. When you research various types of treatment centers, you will notice that different levels of care are offered. They are designed this way to individualize treatment and meet each person’s specific needs. The majority of individuals looking for rehab treatment centers are experiencing significant problems in their life having degenerated from drug abuse to drug addiction and dependency. For them, treatment centers that have their own inpatient detox center and medical component would be necessary.

This is a significant level of care providing help managing withdrawal symptoms. In a medical detox program, patients are provided with 24 hour nursing, a comprehensive clinical program, psychiatric support if needed and treatment for the family. Detox is the medical stabilization process that takes place prior to receiving treatment for drug or alcohol addiction.

Inpatient Treatment Center Checklist:

  • Short-term inpatient treatment centers generally treat patients for between four and six weeks.
  • The staff should be licensed, or at a minimum credentialed in addiction treatment and the patient to staff ratio be approximately eight to one.
  • One of the most effective treatment philosophies is a 12 step model of care, with an ability to provide individual counseling, group therapy and a number of other clinical activities.

Long-term Inpatient Treatment Center Checklist:

  • Patients generally reside in long-term treatment centers from around six months to a year.
  • Patients going into a long-term treatment center have already undergone detox elsewhere and in many cases have completed shorter term treatment.
  • A long-term treatment center may or may not have 24 hour nursing depending upon its structure.
  • It does provide around-the-clock staff and all the clinical activities any shorter term program would provide.

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