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It is noted by that tens of thousands of people suffer from an addiction to food. Many of these people that have a food addiction are found in weight loss centers, trying to melt those pounds away only to find at a later date, that recovery from an addiction to food is so much more than just weight loss; but what is an addiction to food?

An addiction to food, as an addiction to drugs or alcohol, appears when a person begins to become dependant upon food to cope with how they feel. Due to the sugar content of most binge foods, the individual experiences mood swings, a preoccupation with food, intense cravings for the sugar and when these binge foods are withheld, the person actually experiences feelings associated with withdrawal. In addition, food addiction is a progressive illness with its own set of signs of symptoms, one of course being weight gain. Notice that weight gain is but a symptom of the actual illness.

Symptoms of Food Addiction

  • Eating to cope with how one feels
  • Constant thoughts about your next meal
  • Continued eating even when you feel full
  • Eating in secrecy
  • Lying about how much one eats
  • Weight gain

These are but a few symptoms one experiences when they are addicted to food.

Food Addiction Consequences

  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Kidney and liver issues
  • Diabetes
  • Joint pain
  • High blood pressure

Again, these are but a few of the problems you may encounter. Because of these serious medical problems when seeking treatment make sure the eating disorder center has adequate medical and psychiatric support.

Drug Addiction and Eating Disorders

It is not unusual for a person diagnosed with an addiction to food to also suffer from a drug addiction. In a high number of cases, people have turned to amphetamines or other appetite suppressants to reduce cravings for food. These particular drugs do have addictive properties which will result in a full blown drug addiction making treatment much more complex for both you and the treatment provider. Because of this it is imperative you choose the right treatment provide that can concurrently address your addiction to food and drug or alcohol addiction.

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