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Depression treatment can help those suffering from a depressive disorder or symptoms, by engaging in therapies, counseling and sometimes medications. Depression treatment can help clients that have a mood disorder, or who are experiencing symptoms of depression and would like depression help. One of the keys to the treatment of depression is psychotherapy, conducted with a psychologist or psychiatrist. Such therapies can be conducted in individual sessions, or the client may feel comfortable in a group setting, or engaging in family therapy.

At Bridge Centre, our treatment center offers psychological therapies that fit with each client's situation and diagnosis. Our professional staff provides clients with the best possible depression treatment.

Understanding Depressive Disorders

Many clients that undergo depression treatment suffer from a mood disorder that includes depression, such as major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder or dysthymia disorder.
For those with a depressive disorder, their illness goes beyond a period of feeling "blue" or occasional sadness. For clients seeking depression help, the feelings of sadness, lack of energy, problems sleeping and hopelessness are overwhelming and often interfere with daily life. Treatment for depression is required to manage the symptoms and underlying issues that are causing the depression.

Treatments for Depression

Although psychological counseling is a large component of depression treatment, depending on the disorder or severity of the symptoms, depression help can include other forms of treatment.

Pharmacological therapy

Pharmacological therapy, or treatment with medication, is a common form of depression treatment. Antidepressants can help regulate chemicals in the brain that control mood and behavior, and many clients in treatment centers benefit from taking antidepressant medication.
Often, professional help for depression is required in conjunction with treatment for another psychological disorder, such as an eating disorder, anxiety or substance abuse problem. This is referred to as a dual diagnosis. Many times, antidepressants can help clients cope with the dual symptoms of a co-occurring disorder.

Depression Therapy

Depression treatment also can consist of alternative therapies. such as group counseling for women only, psychotherapy that addresses adolescents or that addresses issues specific to the gay and lesbian community.
For clients in this type of treatment, holistic therapies may help alleviate symptoms. Recreational therapy, yoga, meditation and acupuncture are popular options for holistic depression treatment.

The Bridge Centre offers a variety of treatment options at our nationally-recognized depression treatment center. Learn more about our depression help programs, and how depression help will work for you or a loved one.
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