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Although everyone feels anxious or nervous some times, those with anxiety disorders have constant anxious, fearful feelings that disrupt their daily lives.

Anxiety Disorder and Substance Abuse

For a person with an anxiety disorder, a co-occurring substance abuse problem can begin as a way to self-medicate. Meaning, this individual will use alcohol or drugs to help calm their anxiety and worry. Self-medication such as this, however, often simply exacerbates the anxiety disorder. Some studies indicate that for people with mental illness, such as anxiety disorder, are more sensitive to drugs and alcohol, and therefore more likely to become addicted. People having a mental health problem and a coexisting drug or alcohol problem are said to have a dual diagnosis.
As with any dual diagnosis, treatment at Bridge Centre for a client's anxiety disorder will begin after the detox process. A customized treatment plan will set goals for each client, and treatment for the client's anxiety disorder may come in many forms, such as psychotherapy, behavioral and cognitive therapies.
At Bridge Centre, our nationally recognized rehabilitation programs can provide recovery help from substance abuse problems and address anxiety disorder, all in a state-of-the-art treatment facility.

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