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With all of the information available you would be surprised how many people do not understand alcohol addiction or what alcohol addiction treatment infers. Many are told that a person has to hit rock-bottom and lose everything before alcohol addiction treatment will work. Others believe that alcohol addiction treatment really doesn’t work. Adolescence is a critical time for preventing drug abuse and alcohol abuse since prevention may reduce the risk of progressing to later abuse and addiction and the subsequent need for drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

What Is Alcohol Addiction?

Alcoholism, also known as alcohol addiction, is a condition defined as a disease which is treatable and recovery is possible. This disease is chronic and progressive and can be fatal without alcohol addiction treatment.

Progressing Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction:

  • Craving: an intense desire or compulsion for alcohol
  • Loss of Control of Alcohol: the inability to manage one’s alcohol consumption drinking despite its negative consequences
  • Physical Dependence: the individual will experience actual withdrawal symptoms when alcohol consumption is discounted such as nausea, sweating, tremors, anxiety, insomnia and in more severe cases convulsions or even seizures. (This person requires immediate alcohol addiction treatment.)
  • Tolerance: The need to drink greater amounts of alcohol in order to experience the same feeling of drunkenness they initially felt. Tolerance can lead to alcohol poisoning.

Why Does Someone Need Alcohol Addiction Treatment?

An individual that displays the symptoms above would be a candidate for addiction treatment provided in a residential alcohol addiction center. People who are not alcoholic do not understand why someone suffering from alcohol addiction can’t just stop drinking. Remember that alcoholism is a disease and just as someone cannot recover from diabetes or cancer through only willpower, they cannot recovery from alcohol addiction without receiving the proper treatment. Individuals suffering from alcohol addiction are in the grip of an intense craving and physical addiction that makes discontinuing alcohol consumption almost impossible without alcohol addiction treatment.

Alcohol Treatment Needs To Be Unique

Alcohol treatment programs should be as unique as the individual being admitted into alcohol treatment since every person has special needs and challenges. At Bridge Centre the alcohol treatment programs are focused on the individual, not the group. While group process is important, treating the individual is imperative in order to match the treatment setting and services to the individual’s needs. This allows the individual to have a greater opportunity for a successful recovery when returning to their families, workplace and society following treatment.

Bridge Centre's Specialty Alcohol Treatment Program Components

Another aspect of Bridge Centre’s alcohol treatment program is our ability to provide specialty treatment components for:

  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Relapse Prevention
  • The Family Recovery Program

This type of highly specialized alcohol treatment program has led to Bridge Centre being recognized by treatment professionals nationwide as an alcohol treatment program of excellence.

Various Kinds of Alcohol Treatment Programs

  • Alcohol Treatment Programs and the 12 steps: Most effective alcohol treatment programs adopt the 12 step or disease model of treatment. The 12 step program is called Alcoholics Anonymous. It has made such a positive impact that alcohol treatment programs throughout the world use their philosophy as the foundation for their programs.
  • Out-Patient Alcohol Treatment Programs: An outpatient alcohol treatment program is primarily for people in the early stages of their alcohol addiction. To do well in this type of program the individual should have a healthy support system, steady employment, financial stability and a tremendous amount of motivation. For people addicted to alcohol, this type of alcohol treatment program might not be the best choice.
  • Long-Term Alcohol Treatment Programs: Long-term residential alcohol treatment programs provide 24-hour care while you reside there. These are for those recognized as having chronic relapses. The length of stay can be between 4 months to a year.
  • Short-Term Alcohol Treatment Programs: These alcohol treatment programs are referred to as the "28 day program" although very few are 28 days any longer. The effective alcohol treatment programs utilize the disease model of care and the 12 steps coupled with various forms of psychotherapy and holistic services.

Philosophy & Established Treatment Steps

The philosophy of our alcohol treatment center is built upon the belief that alcoholism is a disease. By treating it as a disease, we provide similar care to that of our drug treatment center. In both programs, our focus is treatment provided in a number of carefully established steps. These steps include:

  • Alcohol detox
  • Medication management (when needed)
  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Family counseling
  • Educational lectures
  • Nutritional counseling
  • 12-Step programs

An Alcohol Treatment Center Designed for Success

Our alcohol treatment center has designated certain buildings for specific recovery services. One such example is our alcohol detox center. By having our medical detox program in its own treatment setting on campus, it allows our nurses to pay closer attention to the patients in detox so as not to be distracted by those who are in the later stages of their alcohol rehab program. You will find we have given a great deal of thought and consideration in designing Lakeview in order to produce the best possible treatment experience for you through superior facility design.

The Alcohol Treatment Center Environment

At Bridge Centre we believe that recovery is best pursued in a comfortable environment. The alcohol treatment process is not an easy one, but our healing environment certainly helps. After completing detox our residents are ready to continue treatment in well appointed semi-private rooms with access to a complete gym, dining room, and counseling areas.

Recovery Apartments - Enhancing Alcohol Treatment

Substance abuse treatment studies have shown that the more comprehensive care an alcohol treatment center provides, the greater a person's chances are of achieving a lasting recovery. Our recovery apartments are designed to provide a powerful continuum of care. This final step provides those finishing their residential alcohol treatment an opportunity to step outside the comfort zone of the alcohol treatment center and experience the "real world" while still having weekly therapy and other support services.

To find out more about our drug and alcohol rehab programs or for admission into our drug and alcohol treatment center, please call +254-724-830-821. All calls are completely confidential. Bridge Centre is a drug and alcohol treatment center where recovery becomes a reality!